This product is designed to provide a convenient high security RF interface to an access control system which recognises Wiegand 26 bit protocol.

The REC-20 can manage up to 32,000 fobs in an active users database and will only function with Microlatch Wiegand fobs.

The receiver has an on board 4Mb super capacitor backed RAM which manages all fobs and will provide a minimum 24 hours backup in hostile (high temperature) environments. In normal operating conditions (~25deg C ) backup in excess of 7 days can be expected.

Suitable for indoor use only.

Omni-Pass Indoor Receiver

    • 9 - 25VDC regulated 300mA minimum battery backed supply recommended.
    • Current consumption 12Vdc @ 10mA max.
    • 4 channel output.
    • Output options ~ shunt selectable.
      INT ~ 10k pull up to 5Vdc.
      REMOVED ~ Open collector.
      EXT ~ + 5Vdc out terminal active for user selectable external pull ups.
    • Reverse polarity protection.
    • Memory capacity 32,000 fobs.
    • 26-Bit Weigand Platform.
    • 433.92MHz SAW Resonator Locked (+/- 74KHz).
    • AM ASK Superheterodyne.
    • Keeloq™ code hopping technology.
    • 30m/90 ft min. (environment dependent).

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