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The TPS Portfolio

TPS Technology Group is a firm specializing in high end user friendly technology for for the Commercial and Luxury Residential markets.  We cater to general contractors, developers, building owners, property managers, and home owners associations nationwide. 

Through our work in our other companies, we are able to identify consumer needs and bridge the gap to help them gain access to products they may not have been exposed to previously.  All with the idea of simplifying the end user experience and saving cost for our clients.  

We have most recently launched our Omni-Pass product line. Omni-Pass is a Universal Access Control Credential system  for entry into parking structures, Apartment/condo Unit Doors, and Amenity spaces with a single device.

TPS Technology Group

TPS Technologies is a full service low voltage integration contractor specializing in access control, surveillance, voice and data cabling, structured cabling, and audio video system design, installation, repair and service.

Individually and collectively, TPS Technologies employees have a vast experience in many aspects of Low Voltage work.  We have experience in all facets; to include but not limited to Audio Visual/Control System Integration, Structured Cable/Data, and Security/Surveillance. We are experienced and equipped to design, build, or staff your project.  We have  been in the field for many years and have witnessed and experienced many of the mistakes that are commonly made;  We are here to correct that.  Our Founder, with more than 20 years experience, is ready to change the face of how low voltage contractors are received nationwide.

TPS Technologies

ELEVATE By TPS is a consumer electronics sales company specializing in audio, security and convenience items for home owners and renters alike.  All of our products are self in stall and easy set up even for the technology challenged


Our parent company,  TPS Technologies, has been providing residents with high end technology in the common spaces of their high rise apartment complexes for years.   Through this work, we realized there is a gap between what the residents enjoy in the lobby or theater and what is available to them in their apartment units.  This is where Elevate comes in.  Whether you are looking for luxury, comfort, or security, we have what you need to ELEVATE your modern urban lifestyle.

Elevate By TPS
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